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While F Martin Mbeteni spends his daytime dealing with clients and closing commercial real estate projects, he enjoys spending his free time engaging in reading and writing. In fact, Martin partakes in light blog-writing every now and then. He primarily publishes his blogs on Medium. Medium is a popular web-based blog sharing platform. On Medium, users from all over the world can create a profile of their own. After their profile is created, users can then choose a topic of their liking. These topics can be about anything. From politics, to real estate, to dental hygiene, people have virtually written about anything and everything.

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On Medium, Martin has covered a few interesting topics. For example, as the Vice President of JLL, he has a ton of knowledge on commercial real estate. As such, the blogs he published on Medium are often times related to finance, senior housing, and real estate. More specifically, he writes vehemently about the seniors housing industry, senior housing capital markets, and senior housing investments.

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Seniors Housing Investments – The Property Market That is Growing, Not Ageing

Is there too much risk to invest? As a species, we are living and working for longer much longer now than in previous decades. Currently, approximately 14.9% of citizens in America are over the age of 65. By 2022, workers over the age of 65 will to rise to 27% for men and 20% for women.

Economic Empowerment- Does This Respect our Elders? – Martin Mbeteni | Official Website

Economic empowerment can be a great thing. Especially for young adults exploring their financial independence in return for their Saturdays. Or through today’s women having better control of their own finances than ever before.