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If there’s one thing that Martin Mbeteni has learned that can make or break a successful entrepreneur, it is the relationships he forges during his career. While pursuing his education, Martin’s mission was to build a robust network once he graduates. He realizes that in order for someone to make it in the commercial real estate market, he needs to have a powerful and reliable network. To that end, he has had great success. He has worked with countless individuals in the few positions that he held in Citi, HSBC, KeyBank, Capital One, and JLL. However, ever ambitious, Martin wishes to further expand his horizon and join forces with more like minded individuals. Individuals that share similar work ethic as him and wish to achieve financial success together.

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As an industry leader in commercial real estate in Celina, Texas, Martin is always thrilled to talk to prospects. Whether it is business inquiries or general questions, Martin would love to hear from you. Complete the form below to get in touch with him.