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F Martin Mbeteni has had a wide array of media appearances throughout the years he has been active.

Exclusive Interviews

In recent times, Martin made an appearance on both Inspirery and Ideamensch for an exclusive interview. On these platforms, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, and lawyers, are often invited to discuss their professional career. In addition, the guest stars talk about what their typical day is like as well as what they do to stay productive. For Martin, he discussed his education and how that has helped him land his dream job. He also goes in-depth and talks about commercial real estate markets and what he does as the Vice President of JLL. Lastly, he Martin Mbeteni recommends a few books for people to read if they ever come across harsh times.

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Feature Articles

Aside from the interview appearances that F Martin Mbeteni has made recently, he also appeared in a few feature articles. Most notably, he appeared on both Patch as well as Prague Post. In these feature articles, Martin discusses the senior housing industry as a whole, capital markets, and investments. On top of that, as a commercial real estate expert who has built a robust portfolio, he expresses his opinions on commercial real estate and the trends it has seen in the last few years. Finally, he made a few comments on East African financial services sector and international development sectors and its role in alleviating poverty.

F Martin Mbeteni as Seen in the Media


Martin Mbeteni – Vice President of Capital Markets for Jones Lang LaSalle

Learning and networking are probably the two most important elements in business. Having relationships is very powerful. You need relationships to succeed not only in business but also in life. He is the Vice President of Capital Markets for Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

Martin Mbeteni | Commercial Real Estate Exclusive Inspirery Interview

Martin Mbeteni has been successfully applying his talents in the commercial real estate capital market for years. He has worked for several notable banking corporations securing capital solutions for his clients for over ten years. He is currently the Vice President of Seniors Housing Capital Markets for Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), one of the largest publicly traded commercial real estate brokerage firm worldwide.

Martin Mbeteni | Crunchbase Database

Martin Mbeteni is an experienced Commercial Banker who facilitate on balance sheet and permanent financing. Working alongside commercial real estate experts in Celina, TX, he has established himself as an experienced entrepreneur.